Summer of Stephen King | Currently Reading: Carrie

It wasn’t planned. It just fell into place. This has been a summer of Stephen King! It started with finishing Doctor Sleep, which I had started last fall. Then I read the classic, The Shining. I thought it was time I compared both the big screen version of the film and the mini series to the actual book.

Before finishing Revival, which was the next Stephen King novel I dove into this summer, I thought I’d like to read Carrie next. So I searched 2nd and Charles for a used copy of the book, but they didn’t have it. Instead, I found Firestarter and bought that. I wasn’t satisfied with that compromise and downloaded Carrie onto my Nook from Barnes and Noble.

Carrie by Stephen King

Firestarter will have to wait. I’ll get to it before summer is officially over. ;)


No Planned Parenthood Investigation in Colorado

In this article dated 8/25/2015, it was stated:

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says state law requires the investigation be conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, or CDPHE, which told 9NEWS Tuesday that it has no plans to investigate Planned Parenthood.

It further reads:

A pro-life activist group, Center for Medical Progress, is releasing periodic undercover videos which it says show Planned Parenthood illegally profited from such tissue and organ transfers.

This group says Planned Parenthood illegally profited from such tissue and organ transfers. No proof is offered in this article.

I Stand with Planned Parenthood
I Stand with Planned Parenthood

On the flip side, this article on the Colorado Springs Independent website comes to the Continue reading

Time to Get Mad | Health and Fitness

Heart Rate
Heart Rate

It’s time to get mad about my health and fitness level. My current fitness level is abysmal! This is affecting my physical and mental health. My muscles yell at me after small amounts of physical exertion, and I’m so tired all the time, which gets me down because I can’t accomplish everything I want to accomplish in a day.

I know that aging has a lot to do with weight gain due to Continue reading

On Being a “Windbag”


I was called a windbag in a comment to a recent post and have been pondering the length of my posts a bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have a lot to say, I’m still going to say it. Like I say on my Author Info page, “Agree or disagree. It’s all good!”

When a person is passionate about something, naturally, they’re going to have a lot to say about it. Some people prefer to read snippets, and some people like to read novellas. You can’t please everyone – I realize that. I was stung but have healed and am moving on.

If you’re a blogger or want to start blogging opinion-based content, brace yourself for strongly worded, defensive comments from time to time.

I’ve been an inconsistent blogger for too long. If … IF I change that and discipline myself to write more often, I guarantee not every post will be a novella!


Not Meant to Get Ahead

Dangling Carrot
The Dangling Carrot

Have you ever felt like you are simply not meant to get ahead … like, EVER? Being down one car payment and having finished paying off roughly a $45,000 debt in less than five years only to be almost immediately hit with unexpected expenses and getting sloppy with budgeting  (never mind sticking to a budget) feels like being punched in the face and gut at the same time.

Sorry! You don’t get to celebrate any Continue reading