Georgetown Valley Candy Company | Peanut Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn from Georgetown Valley Candy Company
Peanut Caramel Corn

I can’t believe it has been a whole week since we were in Georgetown enjoying some time off work. At least I have this tasty reminder of one of my favorite places in our beautiful state of Colorado! Georgetown Valley Candy Company is a must stop every time we’re in Georgetown.

My favorites are salted caramels and walnut fudge. I wish they’d triple the amount of walnuts, though. ;) Their saltwater taffy is pretty good, too!

As I sit here catching up at work, it’s nice to have this yummy treat bring back memories of not working. :)


Most Comfortable Bra I’ve Ever Worn!

I don’t write many posts like this, but I have to share this because I am so incredibly picky about the way any article of clothing fits. I have sensory processing issues so if it pinches, binds, pokes, or scratches in any way, I’m not going to wear it. :P

Maidenform Bra 09441 Comfort Devotion Embellished Demi BraI took nearly a dozen bras of different brands and sizes into the fitting room, and this one was so soft and comfortable that I bought two of them in different colors and have ordered the black online because they didn’t have it in the store.

Some ladies don’t care for underwire bras for poking and binding issues, but it’s not an issue for me at all. It helps keep the bra in place when I raise my arms over my head. :) Also, the lace is not scratchy at all!


Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellishment Demi Bra – Style #09441

I bought mine at Kohl’s, where they are buy one, get one 1/2 off. I ordered the black one on I also found them here.

Recommended for smaller cup sizes. ;)


Vacation Continued | Rocky Mountain National Park

Feeling the heat, we decided to head for higher ground on Thursday … much higher ground. Trail Ridge Road sounded like the perfect solution. It may have been 60-something degrees at the Alpine Visitor Center, but it’s wickedly windy up there and feels much colder than what the thermometer tells you! Trying to stand still to take photos is not a simple task, either. I did manage to get some good shots for being up there mid-day. The best photos await the early birds and night owls for sure! Both are on the bucket list!

Rocky Mountain National Park - Trail Ridge Road

See more photos in my Google + album, Rocky Mountain National Park – Trail Ridge Road.

Once we made it to the top and I was able to get out of the car and soak in the scenery and capture it with my camera, I felt myself relax. I found my happy place. No words needed to be spoken or heard. Nature and all its glory!

A lot of things make me anxious. I can’t help that. It’s how I’m wired. People say, “RELAX!” Yeah, it’s not that simple. Sorry. The thing that helps me relax is silence (perhaps a little soft music). Being somewhere in nature taking pictures or reading a book is my solace. I can be alone with my thoughts without the risk of others judging, getting mad at me, or debating with me – all of which cause that anxiety to creep in and me to shut down.

So being in the mountains surrounded by things that are so much larger than us puts things into perspective and makes it easier to not sweat the small stuff. :)


Vacation Day Two

We walked to the soda shop early today for ice cream then across the street from that to buy some tasty treats for later then walked down 6th street and back. I had no intention of buying any trinkets or Colorado branded clothing of any sort, so I wasn’t really interested in shopping. We did walk farther up 6th and toured the Georgetown Energy Museum (hydroelectric power), which was interesting. It’s still a functioning plant.

Breckenridge DistilleryAround 2:00, we headed to Breckenridge and stopped first at the Breckenridge Distillery for a tour and to sample some spirits. Bourbon wasn’t as bad as I remembered trying once before. Originally, we had thought about driving around Dillon first, but after finding out that most of the stores in Georgetown close so early on weekdays, we decided to do that first. So we ate at Downstairs at Eric’s and drove back to the rental house with bellies filled beyond their limits.

I may have missed some photo opportunities at Lake Dillon, but I didn’t want to be the one to make everyone else bored. Once back at the house, we watched our normal Tuesday evening TV shows. It was starting to rain anyway and, as mentioned above, everything in town (except restaurants/bars) closes early.

Breckenridge would have been a great opportunity for street photography, but time was limited and again, I didn’t want to bother anyone to wait for me while I sat on a bench taking random photos of the rich and curious.

Street Musician in BreckenridgeThe excursion did make me realize that Georgetown is more our speed than Breckenridge. Georgetown is laid back, friendly, and quiet. Breckenridge, even on a weekday in the summer, is busy and a bit pretentious. Downstairs at Eric’s is the best place in Breckenridge in our eyes. Just my opinion – don’t get your panties in a bunch if you love Breckenridge!

Check out is at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Hopefully I sleep better tonight. We’re used to a king size bed and are on a queen size bed here. Plus, one of our dogs woke me up with his crying at 2am. I think he woke up and didn’t know where he was. :( So he was added to the bed for the rest of the night as well. Maybe he should start out there tonight.


Georgetown Vacation Stay

I’m lounging on the patio listing to the water rush by across the street at our vacation rental home (found on  in Georgetown, Colorado. Nearby, I hear someone playing a piano. Hummingbirds are flying around, and I swear I just heard a rooster crow. Yep! Heard it again! :D Sounds I don’t hear outside at home. Bliss. (The trucks on the not-too-distant highway don’t even both me.)

Clear Creek in Georgetown, CO

Inside, I heard morning DJs babble on and then the TV. Sounds I do hear at home. This is vacation. I want to enjoy relaxing things. These things are relaxing to me:

  • Starting the day in silence or with soft music (piano is perfect!)
  • Sounds of nature
  • Sites of nature :)
  • Leisurely strolls or hikes while taking the time to soak in every visual and audible stimuli (without technologic interference) and stopping to take pictures

After arriving at 4pm yesterday, we got the dogs calmed down and settled in then walked into town (2 or 3 blocks) and ate dinner at Lucha Cantina. None of the stores have hours posted, but just after 6pm, the soda shop (ice cream!) and Georgetown Valley Candy Company were already closed. :( We’ll try to hit those this afternoon.

I feel like my exposed lower legs are getting toasty in the high altitude morning sun, so I think I should stop here and go get ready for whatever adventures today brings.


Why do adults say things that can hurt kids’ feelings?

I read something on a social media feed that struck me as unnecessary to say to a teenager. I know I’m super sensitive to things like this, and maybe this particular teen truly thought it was humorous, but the comment gave me pause.

Things adults say that can hurt children's feelings.

I almost replied, but I didn’t feel like getting into another debate with this person, which happens almost every time I post an opposing opinion or otherwise speak my mind.

As a teenager, if I learned that my parent or other respected adult in my life was faking enthusiasm when talking with me when I was little, it would hurt my feelings on some level. You don’t have to be enthused about the particular subject matter, but you should absolutely feel joy and even excitement over the fact that your child is so interested in that subject matter. Revel in their excitement.

Perhaps the author of the above statement simply meant that they were faking enthusiasm for trains and kids’ shows. Whatever the case, certain parental “trade secrets” should never be revealed. ;)

Words by Zachner

The Duggar Debacle

When the story first broke that Josh Duggar had acted inexcusably (touched young girls inappropriately) when he was 14 and 15 years old, I posted about it on Facebook saying that while there are people who are immediately taking sides one way or the other, I was not one of them. I want to hear both sides and gather as much knowledge as possible before forming an opinion. Someone interpreted that as being “on the fence”. I don’t agree with that. If I were on the fence, I would be undecided as to whether I believed what Josh did was wrong or not. I certainly believe what he did was wrong, but I don’t believe it’s fair to persecute him all over again for something to which he has already admitted, repented, and received counseling as a minor.

Josh’s parents claimed that the justice system failed by releasing records that were supposed to be sealed. Here’s why the release of the documents was probably NOT illegal. Now that it’s out there, though, the family is doing the right thing by addressing it.

Perhaps (and this is just one avenue of thought) since the family was always together and not alone with strangers, “the talk” about right and wrong touching hadn’t taken place. Their naivete may have led them to believe that since they were raising their children with strict christian values, this wasn’t something any of their children would even think about. Jim Bob and Michelle’s own apparent strong sexual desires obviously didn’t clue them in that any of their children might also be so inclined, which begins as curiosity. This curiosity is exactly what Josh acted on and obviously knew wasn’t right and wanted to repent for.

19 Kids and Counting is currently not in production, and TLC has pulled all reruns from the schedule indefinitely. As of today, TLC has not made a decision to cancel the show entirely but are said to be discussing a spin-off show centered around Jill and Jessa and their new families.

Jessa Seawald and Jill DillardJim Bob, Michelle, Jill, and Jessa all spoke with Megyn Kelly on a televised interview about this situation. Megyn showed little (if any) empathy and seemed (to me) to lean more towards further condemnation as she quickly moved from one question to the next in an apparent effort to get through a specific list within the allotted time. Jill Dillard and Jessa Seawald reportedly don’t remember the offenses and have forgiven their brother. They feel it’s in the past and has been dealt with.

People think this is relevant to the show because the show promotes christian family values. Hmmm. I think the family is known to have strong christian family values, but I don’t think the show is about promoting these values. The show is about their life. This incident and how they dealt with it is part of their life. This is reality TV.

I hope they have saved a lot of the money earned from the show, but I know the show is not their sole source of income. If the show is definitely cancelled and there are no spin-offs, they won’t be homeless.

Before throwing stones at me for the pieces of my thoughts expressed above, know that there are more thoughts in my head about the situation. Don’t assume I’ve taken sides or am speaking out strongly favoring one side or the other. I don’t want to sit here all day covering every tiny detail. The amount of research I’d need to do to get all of the facts would probably involve traveling to Arkansas. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Words by Zachner

Senior Pets

Cosmo, a Shih-poo, is 11 years old today.Today is this guy’s 11th birthday. Cosmo is a Shih-poo. He loves toys and will patiently sort through his toy basket until he finds just the right one to play with. He also likes to lick. What is this all about?! He licks the side of his bed, his toys, the furniture, the rug – anything! Then he ends up with hairballs like a cat, and you know how they expel hairballs. EW! The thing is, it’s not even his own hair. He doesn’t shed. The hair is from our other dog, 12-year-old Gizmo (Pekingese), who does shed.

As much as he still wants to play, he does need more sleep than he used to. He greets me in the morning at the bottom of the stairs for some scratching and petting, eats his breakfast, goes outside, plays fetch up and down the hallway for a few tosses, then curls back up in bed as I head off to work in my home office. Sometimes he comes down to my office for a while and sleeps there. I wonder how many hours this guy sleeps each day. :) After work, I find him waiting eagerly for his dinner – followed by his evening constitutional outside, a little more playing, then more laziness. Other than some trouble with his front legs (arthritis, for which he gets glucosamine/chondroitin chews every night), he’s a very healthy dog for his age.

As we celebrate another year with our beloved companion, my sister is sadly saying goodbye to her 14-year-old cat, Sebastian. It’s a place all of us with senior pets eventually find ourselves and no matter how many times we may have already gone through it, it never gets any easier. So love them while they’re here, pamper them as they age, and be patient when they need more help getting around.

An Atheist’s Open Letter Leaves Christians Feeling Persecuted

A social network friend posted an article with a nod of agreement, which sparked a mutual social network friend to write a post of their own that clearly demonstrated feelings of being persecuted for their beliefs. Since the privacy of the post was set to public view, I am free to quote the entire post here:

‘If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you’ John 15:18 – Tired tonight as my Facebook feed is filled with hate. I live my life to bring God glory and share the good news of the gospel. When I share my beliefs, my testimony, my God with you it isn’t out of judgement, condemnation or hate. I share these things with you out of love, because following Jesus Christ has changed absolutely every aspect of my life. I am a sinner, I struggle daily and sometimes I feel like I pray a million times a day for God to help me to live my life in a way that will bring him glory. I am a Christian, I do not hate you. Article after article goes up written in hate towards Christians. I know the bible tells us this will be so. I just find it a bit pointless that those who feel so judged, condemned and hated would try to change things by doing the exact same thing to other individuals. Do you want to know why I offer to pray for you? Who I pray to? What difference this has made in my life? How horrible of a person I was BEFORE I surrendered my life to my savior Jesus Christ? I’d love to tell you all about it :) So goodnight Facebook, maybe tomorrow we could all fill our news feeds with actual love, appreciation and respect for one another. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I replied to this post:

This is why I walk away from Facebook from time to time. One can only take so much negativity and hate. Though, some posts are only sharing a viewpoint and not at all meant to hate or tear down another’s beliefs. It can be hard to differentiate sometimes. ;)

Though the writer did take to his personal blog to share his thoughts and feelings, where he has the freedom to do so, he did state that he graciously thanks those who offer to pray for him and his family. He doesn’t lecture each and every one of the people who offer prayer. Also, since I read the post with an open mind, I didn’t detect any outright persecution of those who believe in God. The comments that followed the post are a different story (and there are many comments).

Atheism and TheismWhich side am I on? Neither, really. At this point, I think it’s most accurate to say I’m an agnostic. I like to tell people that I’ll keep them in my thoughts. If there’s a god who knows what we “pray” for even before we do so, then I suppose my thoughts are heard. If there’s some energy that binds us all together and the power of our thoughts resonates through some other plane of existence, that’s also good. If thinking about a situation merely expresses empathy and/or sympathy, then how can that ever be wrong?

What struck me most curiously is the fact that what one person posted stirred up feelings of being persecuted in someone else. Those feelings were so powerful, that they felt the need to write their own post about feelings of condemnation and hate. I find the psychology of it all quite fascinating!

Words by Zachner

Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

It’s hard to believe loved ones when they tell you that you’re beautiful just the way you are when you’ve heard them criticize or make any sort of derogatory remarks about others’ imperfections. Self-image is learned. If a child were brought up completely shielded from such criticisms, I wonder if their self-image would be any different.

I play a lovely game of ping-pong with my own body image. Just when I think I accept my body just the way it is, I’ll hear a snide remark about someone else’s appearance and rethink that acceptance. Why should I believe I’m acceptable when someone else is deemed distasteful for looking almost exactly the way I look. Does this make sense?

Photographer, Sue Bryce wrote a post and shared a video that brought this to mind.

Body Image

Even children can unknowingly add to self-consciousness. A nine-year-old asked me if I was pregnant when my twins were less than a year old. I hadn’t thought about my gut much before that comment. I’ve been self conscious about it ever since. I feel like if I could redistribute that extra padding to my backside, I’d be OK with it. I just don’t like it where it is. It makes putting shoes and socks on uncomfortable, too. Oof!

So there you have it. Raw and exposed. I am not comfortable with the little bit of belly fat I have. HOWEVER, I view others as perfectly fine no matter how they are shaped! How’s that for confusing. It’s like what I described above in reverse. Why would others believe I think they’re fine just the way they are when I have trouble accepting my own body?

Words by Zachner