New Car – It’s Really Mine?



I can’t believe I have a Jaguar!  The way it all fell into place without even looking for it is a little surreal to me.  The first place time I remember saying that I wanted a Jag was while watching Knots Landing.  Gary Ewing drove a Jag, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

While signing and initialing a stack of papers, the sales guy filled out a “We Owe You” form to include repairing the air conditioner/unit.  They seem to think that it’s just low on freon and are going to try that first.  I insisted that they take care of whatever it takes if that alone doesn’t work.  Living in Colorado doesn’t mean air conditioning is optional!  Maybe if I always had carefree hair, I wouldn’t mind driving with the windows down and the roof opened.  It’s very distracting to have my hair blowing in my face when I’m trying to drive, though!

The S-Type is reminiscent of the old Mark II of the 1960's, which I love!

The S-Type is reminiscent of the old Mark II of the 1960's, which I love!

I loaded up the 6 CD changer in the trunk today, so I know that works!  They are ordering a manual for me, but Greg has already downloaded one.  That doesn’t do me any good since it’s on his desktop.  I’ll have to do the same so I can figure out how to set the clock.  You don’t just use a pen to set the time.  Oh no… there’s a complex step-by-step process beginning with pressing and holding “Mode” then cycling through some other buttons (and there are MANY buttons).  At least I have my seat/pedal/steering wheel settings saved!

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