About Me

“About Me”

I think you can tell enough about me by reading my blog. Then again, it has been my experience that people can form unfavorable and inaccurate impressions based on my views alone. Que sera, sera!

There’s a fire in my belly that flares up from time to time, and I feel compelled to share my opinions, feelings, thoughts, and quirkiness. Agree or disagree. It’s all good!

I’ve been married since 1989 to my high school sweetheart (do the math; that’s a lot of years). We had twin boys in 1990 then added a girl in 1993 and another girl in 1997 (again, do the math; that’s kind of a lot of kids).

My “resume” can be found here if you’re interested.

Above all, I reserve the right to be fickle!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sheila, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending me an email. I have a question regarding a post of yours from Sep 6, 2011. My husband is retiring from the Air Force and I would like to find out about the image used in the “Remember the Forgotten Mechanic” poem. My email is MotownMadness1@yahoo.com Thank you! Stacie

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