Childhood Cancer Awareness

Pink ribbons. Race for the cure. Breast cancer gets so much attention. That’s great! However, other cancers are pushed to the back of the bus – like childhood cancers. Watch this video. Share this video! Make this a VIRAL VIDEO! If Kony 2012 can do it, so can we!

You may think childhood cancers get plenty of awareness through St. Jude’s, but the funds they raise directly are distributed for research for other catastrophic childhood illnesses as well as cancer. Invisible children can be found in more places than just Uganda. Cancer continues to kill so many children because of inadequate funding to support adequate and timely research.

There are so many things that deserve more awareness – deserve to go viral. Lung cancer is another! Kudos to those with the enthusiasm to take up a cause and run with it far enough to get that much attention (good or bad).

This wasn’t meant to be a thoroughly researched post. It’s simply something that came to my mind and I let spill onto a post. It’s not meant to cause a debate, and I’m not diminishing the importance of any one cause in favor of another. Equal awareness opportunity to everyone! :D

Miracle Party | Survivors and Angels

Childhood Cancer

As we watch our children grow and marvel at their accomplishments and milestones, there are other parents who will never see as many of those milestones achieved by their children because they’ve lost their children to childhood cancer. It’s hard to think of a young child lying in a hospital bed battling cancer while our own children of the same age are outside playing, participating in sports, dancing, performing in the theater, riding a bike, running around the park – the list goes on and on!

Once a year, something so special happens here in Denver for the children battling cancer and for the families of little angels: Miracle Party

To help make this happen, you can VOTE in the Pepsi Refresh program. The ideas that make it to the top 15 get the money. Miracle Party is currently at 22, and voting continues through the end of August.

I leave you with this video from the 2010 Miracle Party: