Winter Storm Titan

Perhaps a result of not being one to watch much news, but I was not aware that winter storms were given names. I thought that practice was only for hurricanes and tropical storms. Winter Storm Titan is stirring up trouble in the midwest.

Winter Storm TitanMeanwhile, in our part of the world:

Denver Area Weather March 2014The forecast for Thursday has me rethinking volunteering to work overtime that day. Maybe I can start super early and get it out of the way with time left to get out of the house for a while. :)

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday | Snow in Colorado

Ya gotta love winter in Colorado! Especially in our area. We are at about an altitude 5800 feet in our neighborhood, which is fairly east of the foothills just at the beginning of the plains, and about 20 miles southeast of downtown Denver. It was in the 50s yesterday but quickly turned into snow in the wee hours of the morning.

I had to take Miranda to school early this morning, but I also seriously needed gas. After comparing getting gas after dropping her off to before dropping her off (about a 5 mile difference), I decided drive the one mile to get it first and also add weight to the car!

Second Snow – First Official Snow Day

First snow day of the school year. Cherry Creek schools are closed. I only expected a delay. My alarm was set for 5:45 this morning to check for delays or cancellations, but my phone woke me up at 5:00 when a text came through that Redstone College is on a 2-hour delay. Must remove this alert – Jason is done with that school!

Another benefit to companies utilizing remote workers is that we can always make it to work on time no matter what the weather. Wouldn’t it be great if we got “snow pay”? Time and a half for working on days when the weather is bad enough to close schools! Technically, I could call a snow delay since I have to get up and shovel a path on the deck and a patch of lawn for the dogs (before my first cup of coffee, mind you)! OK, so more believable would be the HOA’s requirement that we shovel the sidewalk in front of our homes. I think that would be a great form of exercise for the girls, though. They need a boredom buster on snow days!

Greg’s in Sacramento right now missing all this fun! His flight is due this afternoon, and the runways will be fine by then. Right now, there are only 15-minute delays or less at DIA.

Josh is off work at 7 a.m. and is carpooling with someone with a 4×4. Whew! Jason, however, is in need of new tires as it is on his Tiburon (not the greatest in snow, but at least a front-wheel drive). He did get a little stuck at the corner when he left, but he’s a pretty smart cookie and made it work.

See the photo above with the paw prints? I had shoveled that just 20 minutes before that was taken. At that point, they were calling for up to 3 more inches by noon. I’m glad it’s my half day at work today. Baking sounds like a wonderful idea!

Miracle Party | Survivors and Angels

Childhood Cancer

As we watch our children grow and marvel at their accomplishments and milestones, there are other parents who will never see as many of those milestones achieved by their children because they’ve lost their children to childhood cancer. It’s hard to think of a young child lying in a hospital bed battling cancer while our own children of the same age are outside playing, participating in sports, dancing, performing in the theater, riding a bike, running around the park – the list goes on and on!

Once a year, something so special happens here in Denver for the children battling cancer and for the families of little angels: Miracle Party

To help make this happen, you can VOTE in the Pepsi Refresh program. The ideas that make it to the top 15 get the money. Miracle Party is currently at 22, and voting continues through the end of August.

I leave you with this video from the 2010 Miracle Party:

Downtown Denver | Day 6 of Vacation

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” This bench is outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. This was our first stop, not for lunch (like my girls would eat anything here), but for the girls to change from shorts into pants. I tried to tell them, but at least they were smart enough to bring pants to change into just in case. Sometimes, even when someone tells you what to expect, you still don’t really know until you bite into that chocolate candy what you’ll find inside.

So we were all the way downtown with all these interesting restaurants, and where do we end up eating? Chili’s. Paramount looked like a popular place. I’d love to try that sometime.

After eating, we hopped on the mall shuttle to the south end to go check out Civic Center. There was a peaceful assembly happening on the steps of the capitol. Since I’m pretty oblivious to the issues happening around me, I asked some (what’s the politically correct term?) law enforcement officers standing nearby what was going on. There was a bill being discussed today on civil unions. I heard about an hour ago that it died around 9:15 tonight, though. Since this is about my vacation, I’m not going to weigh in on this subject here.

We ended up going inside the capitol – nearly all the way to the top even! After snapping some pics through the windows, we went back downstairs and decided against the free 45-minute tour. We left in search of the old-fashioned red phone booth I had seen just last year. Gone! Son of a sea biscuit! My poor, out-of-shape body made the trek all that way for nothing. I better at least see a little improvement in my rear! :) So back on the shuttle we went, stopping at Starbucks for a quick, frozen perk-me-up. By then, it was still windy, but it was actually pretty nice out.

That was about it. Enough to get out of the house. A small adventure for some but pretty big for us. It’s not because we’re pathetically lazy – just so busy all the time.

I’ll throw in a bit about American Idol here instead of creating a separate post. I’m a little disappointed to see Thia leave, but I don’t think she was ready yet. Another year or two might make a big difference. I thought it would be Naima and Paul, though. Lauren and Scotty did an amazing job on their duet!

Tomorrow: Zoo


Lunch AND a Movie at the Same Time! | Day 5 of Vacation

What a way to save time! We saw Red Riding Hood at the Movie Tavern while eating lunch (their food isn’t horrible). We really liked the movie! Despite comments by die hard Twilight fans, it’s not at all a rip-off of that series. Just know that every time you think you know who the wolf is, you’re probably wrong. Saying that is probably saying too much. I’m sorry, but did you think predictability would be a good thing in a movie? :)

After the movie, we did a little shopping at Kohl’s. Why do they not set up all stores the same? I felt lost and turned around in this store! Despite the minor discombobulation, all three of us found a few things each. My goal of finding some season cross-over items with birthday money was accomplished. I found a couple of cute sweaters for layering that didn’t look too old or too young for me. YAY! We’ve been having better luck finding age-appropriate clothes in Miranda’s size lately, and Ali found a couple tops that I’ve already made clear I may borrow. She’s already been raiding my closet, so why not?!

Feeling satisfied with our wardrobe finds, we headed to Golden Spoon for some froyo. This made me cold on the outside and happy on the inside!

Enough for the day – home again. After a quick check of Facebook and a little internet surfing, we watched Tangled. I always wonder about the correct way to say this. Do you watch something on On Demand or just watch something On Demand. On On? Is that like saying “do do” – “I do do that”? Me thinks too much!

Tangled was followed by nine rounds of Scattergories then ANTM real-time before Idol on DVR. I won’t even waste time expressing my thoughts on Idol this week, except that I love, love, LOVE that the freshly groomed Casey pulled back and showed a more tender side this time.

Today: LoDo in the wind!

I leave you with the trailer for Red Riding Hood:

Colorado Weather Misconception

There seems to be a misconception about the weather in Colorado. People who don’t live here or have never been here seem to think it’s always cold here and that we don’t have all four seasons. We do! Each season is also experienced in the mountains, but it is colder the higher you go (naturally) and there is a much higher annual snowfall average up there.

Check out the average climate for Denver, Colorado. Then check out the average climate for St. Louis, Missouri (known for having four beautiful seasons). They’re really not all that different! We don’t get that much more snow than St. Louis at our elevation (5,800 feet in my neck of the woods).

So there you have it!  Misconception cleared up! Any questions?

He’s Official! | Company Announcement

Here’s a copy of a Matheson’s very nice announcement to the company:

“Please join me in welcoming Greg Karner to our Matheson team in Denver.  Greg will be assuming the role of Terminal Manager effective Monday November 15, 2010.  We appreciate the effort of the Denver team and certainly value the support provided by Gary [last name deleted for privacy].  Gary will be supporting Greg during his transition into the leadership role.

Greg joins us after a 23 year career with UPS where he held various leadership positions with ever increasing responsibility.  Greg has a track record of improving customer service, employee morale, and energizing his team to achieve results beyond expectation.

Once again please join me in welcoming Greg.”


Does Strife + God Make Sense?

I just found out that the person who first trained me at my current job has decided to leave the company after her position was eliminated. Supposedly, the parent company did try to offer some other position(s), but she didn’t feel it was right for her.  In her email to all of us saying goodbye, she quoted this verse:

Jeremiah 29:11-13 … “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Well, she quoted Jer 29:11, but I like the next part as well. It seemed to fit our own situation perfectly. You see, we recently started attending church after a year (give or take) of not going due to work schedules.

Here’s what’s more interesting. I got my “V8″ moment in August 1997. That’s when I accepted Christ in my life. Things were looking pretty grim on the financial homefront. We then tried a church that completely freaked Greg out because it was pretty contemporary. What I didn’t care for is that they required children to go to separate classes and not attend church with us, which was equally traumatic for them. Soon after, we were presented with the opportunity to move into Greg’s sister’s house free of rent to “house sit” while they were temporarily transferred to another state. What a great opportunity to get our finances sorted out and save for a new house.

We found a Presbyterian church near that house and started attending and tithing what we could (more on that in a bit). Before we knew it, Greg was offered a promotion, which meant relocating to Denver! Thank you, Jesus!

Cut to recent events after all this time not gathering in His house and leaning on Him. We’ve had a lot of crap handed to us with Greg’s job loss and the medical issues we’re dealing with that I still can’t go into detail on (but would love to for the support)! After the first week of being in prayer and gathering in His name again at Peace With Christ Lutheran Church, Greg was referred for a job running the Denver operation of a transportation company (name withheld for now). Yes, running it! No boss hanging over him here. After our second week of leaning on the Lord, Greg has now had his first and second interviews for this company. We are cautiously optimistic at this point.

This is where the honesty comes in when I reveal that I’m also cautiously optimistic about religion. It’s true! My walk may be closer by His side again, but I haven’t fully let Him carry me. I can’t explain my feelings about the whole thing. I’ve been told that it’s not about feelings; it’s about faith. I’m bad at that part! You’d think that the evidence would be clear to me at this point looking at the history outlined above, right? It does have my attention at least. I’m trying.

I said I’d mention more about tithing, so here it is… What I don’t understand is how God will take care of the rest if you give Him your “first fruits”. If we gave 10%, we would default on debt payments and end up in trouble with them, which is very, very bad! Am I to believe that if I gave 10% of my income in tithing that my debt would miraculously disappear? I don’t think the credit card companies were sent that memo. For those who have been wise with their money, I absolutely believe tithing would not be a difficult thing to do. That’s really all I have to say about that. We will do what we can.

Before I could even finish this post, Greg walked in to tell me they had already called him back and offered him the job! He starts on Monday! They are putting together all the details to email to him this afternoon. I guess now I can tell you where … Matheson Postal Services. It’s very near UPS in Commerce City, so no change in commute.

Times of strife were small potatoes while we were “religiously” attending church and tithing what we could. When not attending, that strife was more like two ton boulder sized potatoes. I’d say that’s enough to make me pay more attention to the path I’m supposed to be walking instead of trying to make my own path.

High School Senior Photos – Discount!

gal20High school registration/check-in dates are upon us, and seniors are realizing that they need to get their pictures taken.  My first senior session was last Wednesday.  See more on my photography blog and on my website, Sheila Karner Photography!

I had offered $50 off a one-hour photo session, plus 10% off an entire print order, for the first five seniors to schedule.  I have three down and two to go if you’re still interested!  See my availability on my website, and contact me to schedule your photo session soon!