Phishing – Run From the Hook!

Don’t be a victim of phishing scams. If you allow yourself to become a victim of phishing, then don’t place the blame where it doesn’t belong. Phishers will create very official looking emails and web pages to lure you to enter your security information. DO NOT click links in these emails or enter your security info! ALWAYS go directly to the company’s website yourself to be sure you are on the right page. Check the URL at the top of your browser, too. Most login pages will begin with “https://”

Here are some good reads to arm yourself with knowledge:

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Here is what Wikipedia has to say about phishing.

If you have to contact the company that you thought sent you the email with the link, please don’t harass them and accuse them of being at fault. They are trying to help you. A simple “thank you” will do nicely. :)