American Idol Final Four Perform

First, I have to note that on this day, one year ago, Crystal and Lee wowed us with their duet, Falling Slowly! That was, by far, one of the best performances on American Idol ever!

On to the dirt…

James started with Don’t Stop Believing, and the judges all loved it, of course. James was pumped after the commercial break and thanked America. <yawn> Then he sang Love Potion #9. Without arguing with Lady Gaga, he just tossed her pointers out the window. There was no hip gyrating as Gaga suggested. The performance sounded nothing like the rehearsal. He took it to the James place as usual. Yes, he’s good. I’m just over it.

Haley performed Michael Jackson’s Earth Song first, and I loved it! Jennifer talked about how James came out first and set the bar. Shut up! Then Randy continued to tear it apart. I think I was as shocked and mad as she was. I say good for her for sticking up for herself! We hear so many inconsistent critiques and mixed feedback. Truly maddening! Haley haters, step off! I’m for Haley, and Steven agrees. He loved it, too. She came out strong with her second song, I Who Have Nothing. I … wanted … to … cry!!! See, that’s what happens when I hear awesome vocals or see amazing actors on stage. I get misty! Steven said “You just Reinharted yourself into next week!” YES!

Scotty did some Alan Jackson song (missed the title). All the judges liked it and had nothing bad to say about it. They also didn’t gush over it, though. Song #2 for him was Young Blood and all loved him. “You made Gaga’s yaya to lala.” Steven, Steven, Steven! What the heck?

Lauren took on Martina McBride’s Anyway first. The judges all loved it. I thought she was holding back a little except for the chorus, which she belted with all her heart. Then she followed that with Elvis Presley’s Trouble and rocked it! The judges talked about seeing a more mature Lauren up there. Lady Gaga helped her get there with some advice. If Lauren wants to sell songs, she is going to have to get over that innocent “I’m a good girl” thing and push through it.

Haley is on Vote for the Worst this week, but I say Scotty should go down Daughtry style. Fourth in line with a great career ahead of him.

American Idol – Season 10 – Top 5 Perform

The top five contestants did so well last night that I can’t skip blogging about it! With the exception of one contestant (and I’ll get to that), I loved every one of the performances. Before blogging, I always listen to the performances at least once more on Being on a time limit, I’ll jump right in. In order of my favorites from last night…

Jennifer & Randy were wrong! I love that she took the risk and did the unreleased song You and I by Lady Gaga, and the performance was just about as perfect as it could get. Here’s Gaga performing that song. Who cares if most people probably aren’t that familiar with the song. I think it lessens comparisons that way, which can be a great thing. Then House of the Rising Sun was just fantastic! That’s how to show ‘em, girl! Haley got my vote this week.

Gone was so much fun! His entire performance was electric! Always on My Mind was very sweet.  Based on vocals and performance, Scotty places second in my book this week. I’m not a huge country fan, but I do like it sometimes. This kid has such an amazing vocal range, and that’s huge!

Flat on the Floor was a risky choice as well, in my opinion. Any time contestants choose a song by a previous Idol winner, they are judged harshly. I think she did great! She didn’t listen to Sheryl’s advise to stand firm in one place on stage. Good for her! Then Unchained Melody was pretty good. There was a place where she could have taken it higher but didn’t. That was a little odd to me, but it wasn’t enough to make me hate it – only enough to make me move her from second place to third.

Closer to the Edge started out a little shaky I thought. This is not my favorite performance from him, but he pulled it off. I love Without You, and I think he did it beautifully! James has been consistently rock star material, but I have to place him fourth this week only because I thought the other three were that much better.

No Air … really??? ICK! It was so weird. Love Hurts hurt at the end. He definitely has some pipes, but I don’t feel it’s Idol material. I can’t imagine myself singing along to his songs on the radio in my car. Jacob is on Vote for the Worst this week, but I hope that isn’t enough to keep him on the show another week.

Tune in tonight to see how bad we get our hands slapped for not voting enough or at all. Ryan always gives that look and blames our voting for who ends up at the bottom. I still blame their voting rules, though. There needs to be a limit on how many times one person can vote, especially since you can vote from your phones and computers now. I’m sure there are some insane programs you can get to vote as many times as possible in the voting window. Tell me how that’s fair.