Beautiful, Part 1 | Church

Watch this. No, seriously! Watch this!

Don’t be afraid to comment. If you make it through the first 15 minutes, that’s about the point where you might be able to make out someone saying “Dude!” (that would be me). Yes, I said “Dude!” during a sermon at Elevation Church.

That’s what’s kind of cool about this church (besides the fact that the tattooed pastor wears jeans and plaid shirts). You don’t have to sit there all prim & proper. They affectionately call themselves, “the church of the jacked up“.

I still have my issues with the whole faith thing, but there HAS to be something more out there – karma, cosmic energy, fate, or an omnipresent being we call God. There’s still a big part of me that thinks people need so desperately to give fate a name (God) or that they can’t accept that things happen as they are going to happen and leave it at that.

However… there are moments like Sunday that reach out and slap me in the face and make me wonder. I mean really spooky like. That sermon was going to happen whether we were there or not, and it had been planned in advance. We learned something rather sensitive about someone dear to us the day before, and that very thing was touched on in this sermon. I wasn’t even planning on attending until two hours before the service started!

Karma? Fate? Coincidence? Or did this supernatural entity we call God put us there to hear this?

I know exactly why I can’t just let go and believe by faith alone that God exists. I don’t like to be vulnerable. I like to be in control. I don’t want anyone to see me get caught up in something that isn’t grounded – that isn’t hard fact – that doesn’t let ME drive the bus! Honestly, I’m a little jealous of those who are comfortable lifting their hands in worship. This may sound wacky, but to do so exposes armpits, and I am extremely ticklish! To do so exposes more than that, though. It exposes my soul. I’m not comfortable with that.

Nay-Sayers Take Heart – I’m Covered!


Good News Keeps Rolling In…

Let me start by saying that I was able to secure an extended warranty for my recently purchased 2005 Jaguar S-Type.  We are covered for another 5 years/100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper.  So to the few well-intending people who were skeptical and tried to warn me about expensive repairs and that Jags spend a lot of time in the shop, take heart.  I’m covered!

I learned that same day that insurance is only $11/month more than the 2009 Sonata we traded in.

Also, after using just over a quarter tank of gas, I’ve found the gas mileage to be the same as our 2007 Sonata!

Good news keeps rolling in, and I have much to be grateful for at this moment!  It’s important to recognize this since I was also conflicted over need vs. want.  I don’t splurge on much, and this was a dream I never thought possible.  I worried about the materialistic aspect, and I still do a bit.  However, I did not purchase this brand new.  The S-Type has actually been replaced by the XF, and that would set you back about $50,000!  My 4-year old Jag only set us back $16,000 before trade, and it did not impact any current financial situation.

I cannot explain how things turned out the way they did.  Perhaps it was Karma (CAR-ma)!