Thrift Store Bust – Prom Dress Win! | Day 3 of Vacation

We left the house an hour later than I had planned, but that’s fine. Schedules are more flexible when you’re on vacation! No good costume jewelry finds at the thrift store. Some smelly people in the store expedited our exit, though. One was either extremely gassy or needed a Depends change, and another quite possibly hadn’t showered or bathed in quite some time. This is not meant in judgment by any means, mind you. Just using my imagination to describe the smells we encountered. I tried looking for some interesting props for displaying jewelry for photographing it, but the one piece I had in my hand I decided wasn’t worth waiting in the long lines to buy. It happens to be 25% off everything customer appreciation day (every Monday). I set it on the nearest shelf, and we left. Besides, I don’t need more crap in the house.

Next stop, lunch! Taco Bell/Pizza Hut.

Then onward to surprise Greg at work and take a mini tour of Matheson. {Click on photos to see larger images.}

I didn’t know they made automatic transmission big rigs!

From there, we went to Towne Centre (most still call it Aurora Mall). First stop was Macy’s. After some fun pics wearing hats, we looked at their puny selection of dresses. I loved one of them, but I think Ali was set on the one she had tried on at Penney’s a couple weeks ago. Then we had to have an Auntie Anne’s pretzel! Towne Center isn’t super close to us, and this is the closest place I know of that has Auntie Anne’s. It puts Wetzel’s to shame! After breezing through another boutique that had gowns and finding nothing interesting, we ended up at Penney’s. One orange dress in the wrong size. She tried on four others, but there was no light in her eyes over any of them. Time to go…

Southlands, here we come… One orange Grecian style dress left in her size! Someone had apparently tried to squeeze into a small when they clearly should have been trying on a larger size because the sides need to be mended, but that’s an easy fix. Then, of course, natured called again. What do you supposed was next to the restrooms in Penney’s? Kitchen gadgets! Having heard and seen myself how much of a diehard Sunbeam has been over the years, I decided to replace Mr. KitchenAid with Ms. Sunbeam mixer. She was on sale at a much better price, I might add!

After a little chocolate fix, we left Southlands to return home and slip back into our comfy frumpies – home for the night. Now I’m off to prepare fish for dinner and watch Tangled with the girlies. Cute movie!

Tomorrow: Taxes. :(

Year 45, Day 3 | Day One of Vacation

Mourning the death of my mixer.Thursday was the 44th anniversary of the day of my birth (fancy way to say it was my birthday). Day 1 of my 45th year of life. Like the day of my birth, the day was a bit stressful. I was 8 lb 5 oz, and my mom was a petite thing at barely 5’1″. My fat head was stuck in her pelvis, and apparently the only way to save one or both of us was to do an emergency Cesarean. As I struggled to make my way into the world 44 years ago, I struggled to make my way through the day on my birthday. I can imagine the next 36 hours after my birth, I was pretty exhausted – as most babies are. Well the next 36 hours after my 44th birthday, I felt much the same and kept longing for the work day to be over.

I ended day two of my 45th year with my husband at a little corner bar called G-Ducks, where our friends’ band ONE15 was playing. I had shared the Facebook invite several times and even mentioned my birthday. I don’t normally throw guilt trips around, but I have to say to the multitude of local “friends” on Facebook, “Where were you?” I know it’s the first day of spring break in our area so I tried giving the benefit of the doubt that maybe people had family plans. By coincidence, the friends who were there were friends and family of the band members already.

It’s all good, though! I had a good time. Well, with the exception of some chick who thought her shot at the pool table trumped my photo op that I was already poised and focused, ready to capture. She expected me to get out of her way and was clearly irritated when I didn’t immediately move but said “Hang on” nicely as I took my shot. I saw her much later at a table glancing over her shoulder at me and miming taking a photo with a cell phone as she was clearly relaying the story to her guy friend. We made eye contact, and I smiled with a slight smirk and tiny shake of my head as if to say, “Get over it already!” Sad to know that these are the things people choose to hold on to. <sigh>

Moving on to day three of my 45th year of life. I woke up with a splitting headache, which I believe is purely coincidental and not just a hangover since I only had three draft beers last night. So I guzzled some water, made coffee, and started to make buttercream frosting for the cupcakes I made yesterday. As I was waiting for the water and Meringue powder to come together and form stiff peaks in my KitchenAid mixer, something popped and clattered inside and the damn thing just died. It’s only MAYBE two years old and is very gently used. Why??? So my cupcakes sit naked in the kitchen while I sit with head pounding in front of this computer avoiding anything resembling work of any kind as this is, after all, day one of my vacation.