Jaguar Photos

Finally! Photos of My 2005 Jaguar S-Type 4.2L V8

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Nay-Sayers Take Heart – I’m Covered!


Good News Keeps Rolling In…

Let me start by saying that I was able to secure an extended warranty for my recently purchased 2005 Jaguar S-Type.  We are covered for another 5 years/100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper.  So to the few well-intending people who were skeptical and tried to warn me about expensive repairs and that Jags spend a lot of time in the shop, take heart.  I’m covered!

I learned that same day that insurance is only $11/month more than the 2009 Sonata we traded in.

Also, after using just over a quarter tank of gas, I’ve found the gas mileage to be the same as our 2007 Sonata!

Good news keeps rolling in, and I have much to be grateful for at this moment!  It’s important to recognize this since I was also conflicted over need vs. want.  I don’t splurge on much, and this was a dream I never thought possible.  I worried about the materialistic aspect, and I still do a bit.  However, I did not purchase this brand new.  The S-Type has actually been replaced by the XF, and that would set you back about $50,000!  My 4-year old Jag only set us back $16,000 before trade, and it did not impact any current financial situation.

I cannot explain how things turned out the way they did.  Perhaps it was Karma (CAR-ma)!

New Car – It’s Really Mine?



I can’t believe I have a Jaguar!  The way it all fell into place without even looking for it is a little surreal to me.  The first place time I remember saying that I wanted a Jag was while watching Knots Landing.  Gary Ewing drove a Jag, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

While signing and initialing a stack of papers, the sales guy filled out a “We Owe You” form to include repairing the air conditioner/unit.  They seem to think that it’s just low on freon and are going to try that first.  I insisted that they take care of whatever it takes if that alone doesn’t work.  Living in Colorado doesn’t mean air conditioning is optional!  Maybe if I always had carefree hair, I wouldn’t mind driving with the windows down and the roof opened.  It’s very distracting to have my hair blowing in my face when I’m trying to drive, though!

The S-Type is reminiscent of the old Mark II of the 1960's, which I love!

The S-Type is reminiscent of the old Mark II of the 1960's, which I love!

I loaded up the 6 CD changer in the trunk today, so I know that works!  They are ordering a manual for me, but Greg has already downloaded one.  That doesn’t do me any good since it’s on his desktop.  I’ll have to do the same so I can figure out how to set the clock.  You don’t just use a pen to set the time.  Oh no… there’s a complex step-by-step process beginning with pressing and holding “Mode” then cycling through some other buttons (and there are MANY buttons).  At least I have my seat/pedal/steering wheel settings saved!

2005 Jaguar S-Type 4.2L V8 is Mine!

We took it out on the highway for a pretty long test drive, and it just got sweeter by the minute.  Beauty, comfort, and excellent handling!  Back at the dealership, Greg got to have some fun “playing the game”.  I think he just likes to see the sales guy hustle back and forth!  It was pretty funny, but the guy was great about it.   It was dark by the time we got out of there, so I have no new pictures to share yet.  Be patient!

We ended up trading Greg’s 2009 Sonata (4 cyl) and keeping mine (6 cyl) for him.  What’s great is that they were able to accept our claim check to for hail damage repair on that car towards a downpayment!  Between that and getting them to come down another grand on their price, my smile kept getting bigger.  The bottom line exceeded expectations, and the car is mine!