Do I Irritate People?

Offend ButtonWhy, yes Virginia! I do irritate people! I don’t make it my life’s mission to do so, but it happens. If I see something shared on social network sites that isn’t true, I feel compelled to search for the truth and respond in kind. I suppose my Enter key somehow becomes an Offend key when I do that. I’m not trying to call anyone stupid. It’s only my hope that someone who sees the facts will choose not to also share the fiction. If this bothers those who shared the fiction in the first place, I’m sorry they feel that way. However, I’m not sorry for pointing out the truth.

Fact or FictionMoral of the story: Make sure what you’re sharing is true. It could prevent hurting others.

Are You Texting in Church?

Bible app on phone could raise this question!

No! I wasn’t texting or reading Facebook updates during church. :) I have a Bible app where I can take notes and even send versus to social network sites. I downloaded the YouVersion Bible app, which was promoted by LifeChurch. No more worrying about remembering to bring a pen. No more wasted paper. Everything I need – compact – easy! Technology!

Navigate to book & chapter. Select verse(s), then tap & hold or double tap to bring up menu.


Enter a title and notes.

Share on social network sites if you wish!