Coffee Favorites

8O The very first week of the month and I botched my blog goal. I did specify daily posts Monday-Friday. So, as any employer ga-ga over goals these days would tell you, it’s okay to rework goals that you don’t feel are achievable (too easy or too difficult). That goal is now to write five posts per week. Week 1: goal surpassed! This is #6. It may be lame, but it still counts. My blog, my rules. :P

With that aside, I want to know what your favorite coffees are.

  1. What is your favorite coffee you can buy at any grocery store?
  2. What is your favorite coffee shop coffee?

Some say they can drink just about any coffee as long as it “does the job”. Even if it’s bitter? YUCK! We had switched from Folgers to Maxwell House because MH is cheaper. Folgers was on sale last week, so I bought that instead. I guess I bought a different roast than I used to because this is awful! I also used lukewarm water in the coffee maker, and they recommend cold water. Why? Because cold water is fresher. Hot water sits around in your water heater for a long time. When heated more in the coffee maker, the taste of the minerals and any other sediment that might be in your water heater are intensified, thus ruining your coffee. True story. Use cold water, people. ;)

I do like the Starbucks Breakfast Blend from the shelf because it’s mild. I only buy this when it’s on sale, though. Same with any of those little bags of coffee. I really haven’t been disappointed with any of those, but they are so expensive. So I’m curious to hear what you all prefer.

Downtown Denver | Day 6 of Vacation

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” This bench is outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. This was our first stop, not for lunch (like my girls would eat anything here), but for the girls to change from shorts into pants. I tried to tell them, but at least they were smart enough to bring pants to change into just in case. Sometimes, even when someone tells you what to expect, you still don’t really know until you bite into that chocolate candy what you’ll find inside.

So we were all the way downtown with all these interesting restaurants, and where do we end up eating? Chili’s. Paramount looked like a popular place. I’d love to try that sometime.

After eating, we hopped on the mall shuttle to the south end to go check out Civic Center. There was a peaceful assembly happening on the steps of the capitol. Since I’m pretty oblivious to the issues happening around me, I asked some (what’s the politically correct term?) law enforcement officers standing nearby what was going on. There was a bill being discussed today on civil unions. I heard about an hour ago that it died around 9:15 tonight, though. Since this is about my vacation, I’m not going to weigh in on this subject here.

We ended up going inside the capitol – nearly all the way to the top even! After snapping some pics through the windows, we went back downstairs and decided against the free 45-minute tour. We left in search of the old-fashioned red phone booth I had seen just last year. Gone! Son of a sea biscuit! My poor, out-of-shape body made the trek all that way for nothing. I better at least see a little improvement in my rear! :) So back on the shuttle we went, stopping at Starbucks for a quick, frozen perk-me-up. By then, it was still windy, but it was actually pretty nice out.

That was about it. Enough to get out of the house. A small adventure for some but pretty big for us. It’s not because we’re pathetically lazy – just so busy all the time.

I’ll throw in a bit about American Idol here instead of creating a separate post. I’m a little disappointed to see Thia leave, but I don’t think she was ready yet. Another year or two might make a big difference. I thought it would be Naima and Paul, though. Lauren and Scotty did an amazing job on their duet!

Tomorrow: Zoo