Working From Home Not Always Lonely

An article on my daily feed from sparked my attention: Why Are Web Workers Happier? I’m always mystified by “research” and “statistics”. Sure, some people take such jobs because it may be a last resort or all they can find, but a majority of web workers chose to take their jobs because they want to work from home.

One point was made about controlling your own time and the ability that affords you to juggle home and work responsibilities. I want to point out that not everyone who works from home has the luxury of picking their own hours. In fact, that can be quite dangerous. I have set hours, which is great for me because I work much better on a schedule. I will say that my luxury lies in the fact that I don’t spend an hour or two (round trip) in traffic each day, which makes working overtime when needed much easier and lets me sleep a little longer in the morning. :)

Another issue brought up was isolation. I don’t feel isolated at all! Aside from the fact that I prefer to work alone, I do have a “virtual office” by way of a popular instant messaging service. We are all available at any time, and our status shows what we are currently working on at all times. This is also a great accountability tool as is the report we submit daily detailing the work we accomplished, which is verifiable by a multitude of automatically generated reports through the programs we use. Why is everyone always so concerned with socialization vs. isolation?! :x Maybe if one didn’t have a choice, they might have an issue with it. When a person chooses to work alone from home, though, what business is it of anyone else’s to judge how socially well-adjusted someone is or is not? (Sound familiar to any homeschoolers?!)

A Proud Accomplishment | Doing a Job Well

When you gotta job to do, you gotta do it well…

I’ve lived by those words from Paul McCartney’s “Live & Let Die” with every paying job I’ve ever had. I only struggle with this concept when it comes to my own house, but that’s another story. On the job, I believe in being the best I can possibly be, and I push myself to achieve this.

I left an executive secretary position to be a full-time mommy to twins in my twenties. About thirteen years and two more kids later, I thought it would be fun to ease my way back into the land of the gainfully employed in retail, part time. Southlands Mall in Aurora was nearing completion, and I noticed there was going to be a Michaels. I wasn’t actually looking for a job just yet, but when I drove by to see when the store was planning to open, I saw that they were having a job fair that day in the building. Thinking that it couldn’t hurt, I parked and walked in to check it out. An application, a test, and three interviews later, I was on my way. I think I started two weeks later!

The day I interviewed, the store was completely empty. The day I started, there were bare bones forming aisles. I helped install all of the shelves, hooks, and end caps. Then the trucks started rolling in with all the merchandise for us to put on all of those shelves, hooks, and end caps! It still feels special to shop there knowing that I helped build up that store.

So the example here of doing a job well is that I went from an entry level position to Price Integrity, to Event Coordinator (with multiple recognition awards), to Department Manager all in less than a year. I had my eye on Assistant Manager, but the weekend hours started breaking me down. It was fun while it lasted and something I’m truly grateful to have experienced, but it was time for something else.

Early in 2007, while I was still enjoying the retail ride, a friend asked if I’d be interested in what she was doing – a work-from-home opportunity that wasn’t multi-level-marketing. At the time, I wasn’t interested. Six months later, I was interested! After an initial phone interview in the middle of women’s clothing at Walmart, a second phone interview on my own couch, some tests via internet, I had the job! I started in December 2007 and love it!